Saturday, 17 June 2017

Book Review: Middle class to Money class by Sairam and Srividhya

Book Review: Middle class to Money class by Sairam and Srividhya

*Publisher: Notionpress *ISBN: 978-1-946869-06-7 *Genre: Non-fiction (Finance) *Cover: Paperback *No of pages: 93 *Price: 199 *Rating: 4/5

My View:

I am connected to share market for long time, but never read any book like this Middle class to Money class (to be precise I have read books on financial market), it’s first one where many eye opening stories are mentioned, if any investor follow this simple rule mentioned in the book then he/she can be rich and wealthy, and also I am happy that I have read this book.

You have come across many such people who argue on share market and blame it, why they blame; because they buy any share on someone’s recommendation and make loss without knowing anything about company and his fundamental. So if you explain to that person about company and what work they are doing then they say I don’t know such things, so this book is for those who want to know basic of about share market. Here in this book both author has explained financial market in very simple way, where many factors being covered like mutual fund, ultra short term debt funds, equity etc.

Middle class to money class is written in such a way that any novice can understand about share market. Here sources and links are provided to find EPS, P/E ratio, Book Value of the company, dividend history etc; also how to calculate and compare with Piers Company is taught in simple way.

What I liked from the book is a Quote from Warren buffet and Peter Lynch which is good source of motivation for investors. I really appreciate the guideline provided in the book by author, when to enter the market and when to exit i.e. purchase and sale of any script. 

I highly recommend this book to middle class people and amateur investor in share market, to be rich and wealthy. Also one suggestion to the author, we need further in-depth explanation, links and good source from your next book.  

Some of the interesting lines from the book:
  • 1.      What Warren Buffett thinks about the yellow metal? “Gold gets dug out of the ground in Africa, or someplace. Then we melt it down, dig another hole, bury it again and pay people to stand around guarding it. It has no utility. Anyone watching from Mars would be scratching their head”
  • 2.      Other guys read Playboy. I read annual reports. – Warren Buffett
  • 3.      Be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy. – Warren Buffett.


Do you have most of you money in Fixed Deposits?
Does the thought of investing in stocks scare you?
Do you believe that common investors making money in stock is a myth?
Do you want to learn more about stock picking strategies that can work for you?
Do you crave for financial freedom?

Look no further, this is the right book for you. Unleash the investor in you. Discover how to make money in stocks and the pitfalls you should avoid. Make the stock market work for you.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Book Review: The tree with a thousand apples by Sanchit Gupta

*Publisher: Niyogi books *ISBN: 978-93-85285-51-6 *Genre: Fiction *Cover: Hardback *No of Pages: 279 *Price: 350 Rating: 5/5

My View:

We have got our own Khaled Hosseini as Sanchit gupta, hats of to this excellent work. I am really happy that I have read this wonderful book, if you have not read this book about Kashmir than you have missed a good literature.

Kashmir is a sensitive issue right from independence of 1947; whenever Kashmir is said the first thing that came to our mind is mountains, valleys, beautiful landscapes, heaven of India and terrorist. Recently I have read an article on how Lord Mountbatten with her wife Edwina Mountbatten changed the decision and life of Kashmir’s by forcing Nehru to decide the fate under UN Security Council.

Now about his book, this is a story of three close friends Deewan Bhat, Bilal and Safeena, how their life changes after 1990 riots in Kashmir. The journey from childhood to the adolescent of three friends and how Kashmir conflicts affect their life is portrayed by the author, I don’t want to reveal the plot, the blurb itself says much.

The writing style of author is too lucrative; he has conveyed the message in very simple way, also the life and culture of Kashmiri Muslims and Pundits is perfectly articulated by the author. In the book author has highlighted many such events where it show that army is misusing their power, which is a message to the government. The book has everything in it love, redemption, pain, revenge, loyalty of friends, etc.   

Nice sentence from the back cover of the book “If a criminal was once a saint and a saint was once a criminal, then who is the criminal and who is the saint?” I liked the entire episode when Ravi was gambling with his friend and got three aces but losses his life against terrorist in a bomb blast.

Poetry, character buildup and the entire plot is the best ingredients and it’s a plus point for this book, the book has lots of interesting twists and turns which makes un-put-down-able.
This is one of the best book I have read in 2017, I highly recommend this excellent novel to those who wants to know about Kashmir, life of Kashmiri’s youth and true situation over their.

**I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review**


Inspired by true events, this riveting narrative traces the lives of Safeena Malik, Deewan Bhat and Bilal Ahanagar, three childhood friends who grow up in an atmosphere of peace and amity in Srinagar, Kashmir, until the night of 20 January 1990 changes it all.

While Deewan is forced to flee from his home, Safeena’s mother becomes ‘collateral damage’ and Bilal has to embrace a wretched life of poverty and fear. The place they called paradise becomes a battleground and their friendship struggles when fate forces them to chose sides against their will.

Twenty years later destiny brings them to a corssroads again, when they no longer know what is right and what is wrong. While both compassion and injustice have the power to transform lives, will the three friends now choose to become sinful criminals or pacifist saints?

The Tree with a Thousand Apples is a universal story of cultures, belongingness, revenge and atonement. The stylized layered format, fast-paced narration and suspenseful storytelling makes for a powerful, gripping read.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Book Review: The serpent's revenge by Sudha Murty

Book Review: The Serpent’s revenge by Sudha Murty

*Publisher: Penguin India *ISBN: 978-0-143-42785-8 *No of pages: 182 *Genre: Mythology *Cover: Paperback *Language: English *Price: 250 *Rating: 5/5

My View:

Every time when I read about Indian mythology it gives me new message and it changes my thinking to positive way, I am getting energized by reading about Mahabharata and Ramayana.

I am a big fan of the author and reading her from her first book dollar bahu, I know her writing style which is very simple and crispy, easy to understand. So when I came to know about this book I placed the order without any second thought, a book from Sudha Murty on mythology is a good collection for next generation.

Now, the serpent’s revenge is a unique collection of events from Mahabharata, some are known and some are unknown to me. This book will not only help you to narrate bed time stories for your kids but will also add your knowledge about Indian mythology. There are many such stories which you have not heard from your parents or grandparents which are perfectly represented by the author with the help of graphical pictures through the book.

Many stories are provided with end notes or rather footnotes, where current location of India and stories behind it is being written by the author, which is best source to know about that particular place and event and why we still worship and importance of that lord. Also last two pages of the book where the family tree of Chandravansh is being provided which is good source of information about Kaurava’s and Pandava’s.  

I highly recommend this wonderful yet simple representation of Indian mythology for today’s youngsters. 


How many names does Arjuna have? Why was Yama cursed? What lesson did a little mongoose teach Yudhishthira?

The Kurukshetra war, which forced even the gods to take sides, may be well known, but there are innumerable stories set before, after and during it that lend the Mahabharata its many varied shades.
In this collection, award-winning author Sudha Murty reintroduces the fascinating world of India’s greatest epic through these little-known but extraordinary tales, each of which is sure to fill you with wonder and amazement.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Book Review: Entrepedia by Professor Nandini Vaidyanathan

Book Review: Entrepedia by Professor Nandini Vaidyanathan

*Publisher: Embassy Books *ISBN: 978-93-80227-81-8 *No of Pages: 196 *Genre: Non-Fiction / Entrepreneur *Cover: Paperback *Language: English *Price: 195 *Rating: 5/5

My View:

Very nice initiative by the author, I am reading this book when our government being promoting new generation for entrepreneurship by giving subsidies as a startup. If you are thinking to be an entrepreneur or just started your firm than this book will be very helpful for you.

The writing style of the author is simple and easy, no difficult terminologies being used, especially I have read in other books of business. Step by step process being discussed by the author, details on how to find mentor, infrastructure for office and factory, how to hire team members, hidden cost of products, and types of company and how to apply for it, final product till export of goods etc being discussed, a good guideline is given by professor Nandini Vaidyanathan.

As I am an entrepreneur, after reading this book I came across many such points which I am going to implement in my firm. I loved to read on patent and its process, which I am going to use for my new product.

This is a good researched book on entrepreneur as author herself is a professor and having a good knowledge on it. I highly recommend this wonderful book for aspiring entrepreneurs, for MBA students and those who wants’ to jump in the ocean of business.

Only one suggestion to the author we need further details, links and good source of description on entrepreneur from your next book.  


This is a guide book if you want to become an entrepreneur, or, if you are in the start-up phase. It tells you in easy, simple, 20 steps, what are the things you need to do from the time you think of the business idea to becoming market-ready.
It is a go-to book, like a dictionary, if you have just started a company, or thinking of starting a company. It answers some basic questions:

*Why should I be entrepreneur?
*How do I convince my family that being an entrepreneur is a good decision?
*Where will I get my business ideas from?
*Why do I need a mentor and where will I find one?
*How will I choose my co-founder?
*How will I hire good teams when I don’t have the money to pay them market rates?
*What is a business plan, why should I write it, how should I write it?
*What are the different ways in which I can raise money for my business?

These are critical steps in building your business. Yet, until now, in India, you have not had access to one source that can provide the answers to all these questions. This is not a read-and-throw book. It is like a map that you can keep coming back to, every time you want to know the next turn.

Make the most use of your pocket mentor!

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Book Review: Think with me by Subrata roy Sahara

Book Review: Think with me by Saharasri Subrata Roy Sahara

*Publisher: Rupa Publications India *ISBN: 978-81-291-4225-2 *Genre: Non-fiction *Cover: Paperback *No of pages: 111 *Price: 150 *Rating: 3/5

My View:

This is second time I am reading Subrata Roy, the first one I have read was also very beautiful book called “Life Mantras”. Now Think with me is very sensitive and bold matter of India being discussed in this book. While going through the book I got to know many mind blogging facts about Indian education system, what was India in olden days and how our education system is affected after Mughal and British ruled India.

The book is divided into five main parts i.e. Electoral system and leadership, Population, Education system, Media and Religion of India. Each and every chapter gives an eye opening revelation of our Indian system also suggestions being provided by the author, which are according to my view some are very much needed like that of education system and sometimes I disagree with the author like that of religion matter.

In electoral system and leadership, our voting system it’s pros and cons being discussed and in leadership, what we expect from our leader being easily discussed by the author. Further I don’t want to revel about other chapters but one of best chapter is about education system where transformation is much needed from grassroots level and I highly agree with the author.          

What I liked is the cover of the book where Indian flag is being drawn under the word our country; also book is very clean without any typo mistakes, writing style of the author is very simple and easy to understand. If you have read this book you will know that Subrata roy is very patriotic person and he needs change for the progress of India. 

I recommend this book to those who loves to read on politics and also to politicians, for the progress of India.

**I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review**


There is no doubt that India has made rapid progress and achieved prosperity too, yet the goals that we set for ourselves are still unfulfilled or underachieved. It is a harsh reality that we have bigger problems today than we had at the time of Independence. These problems are not good signs for the future of India.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

My Book Review: Four Miles to Freedom by Faith Johnston

My Book Review: Four Miles to Freedom by Faith Johnston

*Publisher: Random house *ISBN: 978-8-184-00487-8 *No of Pages: 177 *Genre: Non-Fiction *Cover: Hardback *Language: English *Price: 350 INR *Rating: 3.5/5

My View:

Four miles to freedom is all about Indian soldiers who were prisoner in POW (Prisoner of war) camp, I know about the 1971 war between India and Pakistan, which created new country called Bangladesh. But I was seldom know about those who were being kept in a prisoner of war camps, how they were being treated, what food they were being given and their daily life in POW.

This is a story of brave Indian army men Dilip Parulkar, Malvinder Singh and Harish Sinhji who made an escape plan to return their homeland. I don’t want to spoil by revealing the entire plot of escape but while reading the book I came to know about how Indian troops being prepared for war and what items they carry while they were on a mission. Although their escape doesn’t turn out to be successful but their attempt and never say die attitude is very appreciative.       

Four miles to freedom is a real story of Indian Army pilots whose fighter plane was shot by the Pakistani troops in a war of 1972. A huge credit goes to Faith Johnston who has interviewed Indian soldiers and presented this non-fiction to the readers. Although sometimes I was bored by reading the same scene otherwise it’s a well and inspirational book.

I recommend this motivated book to today’s youth for dedication and success from their work. I am very thankful to thereaddictsbookblog for providing this wonderful book.


When Flight Lieutenant Dilip Parulkar was shot down over Pakistan on 10 December 1971, he quickly turned that catastrophe into the greatest adventure of his life. On 13 August 1972 Parulkar, along with Malvinder Singh Grewal and Harish Sinhji, escaped from a POW camp in Rawalpindi. Four miles to freedom is their story.

Based on interviews with eight Indian fighter pilots who helped prepare the escape and the two who escaped, as well as research into other sources, Four Miles is also the moving, sometimes amusing, account of how twelve fighter pilots from different ranks and backgrounds coped with deprivation, forced intimacy, and the pervasive uncertainty of a year in captivity, and how they came together to support Parulkar’s courageous escape plan.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Book Review: MBA at 16 by Subroto Bagchi

Book Review: MBA at 16 by Subroto Bagchi

*Publisher: Penguin India *ISBN: 978-0-143-33097-4 *No of Pages: 157 *Cover: Paperback *Language: English *Genre: Fiction/Young adult *Price: 199 *Rating: 3/5

My View:

The books on entrepreneur is always my first preference, recently I went to crossword and show this wonderful book called MBA @ 16, without thinking further I picked this book. Although this is not the first time I am reading Subroto Bagchi so I know his work on entrepreneurship and business.

MBA @ 16 is not about how to start your business at 16 but it’s a curious cases for young MBA’s who wants’ to do something different for the society by becoming entrepreneur. I think this book is a blueprint for those who want to pursue entrepreneurship. Each and every important points being taken into consideration by the author like how to raise fund from angel investor, supply and demand management, logistic, marketing and sales, accounting, innovation, HR, advertisement etc.

The writing style of author is simple and easy to digest, no difficult terminologies being used while convening the message like raw material to finished products is easily conveyed by giving the example of mother’s kitchen. Many complicated business tactics is simply presented to the readers by the author as a story. I really loved to read about Steve jobs, Bill Gates, Dr. Verghese Kurien, Sergey Brin, Larry Page and many other famous personalities.

This book will transform Job Seeker into Job Creator. A must read for those who want to jump in business rather than doing a monotonous job, also I highly recommend this book to the budding entrepreneurs and MBA students.  


Steve Jobs was all of sixteen when he met Stephen Wozniak. What resulted was Apple. When Sergey Brin and Larry Page met at Stanford, they were in their early twenties. They were soon to start Google.

Today’s teenagers are our smartest generation yet. They are tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, investors, managers, policymakers, watchdogs and, of course, consumers. But do you know what the corporate and business world is all about? How do businesses touch everyone’s lives? What really makes an entrepreneur tick? How does the engine of a company run? Who is a social entrepreneur? And why do we need the world of business - is business good or bad for us?

If you are curious, come join Subroto Bagchi and a group of smart teenagers on their exciting voyage of discovery, and in a process get yourself a teen MBA!